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August 10, 2023

Town Board Monthly Meeting
Municipal Building
August 10, 2023

Members Present: Joel R. Bartlett, Supervisor
David D. Prosser, Councilman
Timothy McAtee, Councilman

Members Absent: Paul V. Desormo, Councilman
Joanne McClusky, Councilwoman

Supervisor Bartlett opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a roll call of members present at 7:00 pm. Attorney Harrienger was also present.

MOTION #95-2023

Supervisor Bartlett moved to adopt the minutes from the July 13, 2023 meeting, Councilman Prosser seconded.

Ayes All

Mr. Tackley from the Rohde Center Food Pantry addressed the Board. He thanked them for their continued financial support for the food pantry. He informed the Board of the success of the program for so many families in the Southern Jefferson County area. He presented the Board members with information detailing statistics of the program. He asked them to please consider their program again in the 2024 budget.

Discussion took place regarding the Local Law for the updates to zoning code. The Planning Board met with the JCIDA, the Tug Hill Commission and the town’s attorney regarding some of the changes presented to the zoning code. They will meet again September 6th at 2:00 to review possible changes to the updates. The public hearing for Local Law was closed at the July 13th, 2023 meeting.

MOTION #96-2023

Supervisor Bartlett moved to table any action to Section 107 of the Zoning Code until the September 14th, 2023 meeting, Councilman McAtee seconded.

Ayes All

Supervisor Bartlett opened the floor for anyone to speak: no one wished to speak, the floor was closed

Supervisor Bartlett accepted the Town Clerk’s report.


MOTION #97-2023

WHEREAS, the One World Organization brings entertainers to the Thousand Island Region annually to raise funds for a number of service programs they offer to poor and indigent residents with the support of the DPAO; and

WHEREAS, the Town of Watertown annually provides funding support to assist the organization by underwriting promotional expense for the annual event planned for the summer of 2023; and

WHEREAS, funds are included and available in the 2023 Town Budget for said purposes.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, a grant of community and economic development funds in the amount of $2,000.00 is hereby authorized.

A motion to adopt the forgoing resolution was offered by Supervisor Bartlett, seconded by Councilman McAtee.

Ayes All

MOTION #98-2023

WHEREAS, the probationary employment period for Public Works employee Derek Ritz has been successfully completed and the Public Works Superintendent recommends Mr. Ritz be granted permanent full time status to include all benefits held by permanent full time employees; and

WHEREAS, the reclassification from probationary to permanent full-time status becomes effective August 10th, 2023.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, Public Works Employee Derek Ritz is hereby granted permanent full-time status at the hourly rate of $23.32 per hour.

A motion to adopt the forgoing resolution was offered by Supervisor Bartlett, seconded by Councilman Prosser.

Ayes All

MOTION #99-2023

WHEREAS, the City of Watertown operates a public mass transportation system, known as the CityBus public transit within the boundaries of the City of Watertown; and

WHEREAS, the City of Watertown and the Town of Watertown desire, for their mutual benefit, to make provision for the delivery of regular, public service transportation to, through, and among their respective corporate limits and locations; and

WHEREAS, the parties recognize the need for making a contractual provision for the operations, funding and management of such service in the manner contemplated in Article 5-G of the New York State the General Municipal Law.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by the Town of Watertown and the City of Watertown that it herby approves the Transportation Agreement with the City of Watertown, a copy of which is one file in the Clerk’s Office; and

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, that the Town Supervisor, Joel R. Bartlett, is hereby authorized and directed to sign the Transportation agreement on behalf of the Town of Watertown in approval of this agreement.

A motion to adopt the forgoing resolution was offered by Supervisor Bartlett, seconded by Councilman Prosser.

Ayes All

MOTION #100-2023

WHEREAS, a vacancy exist in the public works department work force; and

WHEREAS, to bring the staffing level to full staff to maintain the necessary level of workforce to provide maintenance and service to the public works, it is necessary to fill said vacancy; and

WHEREAS, applications for public works employment were solicited and reviewed by the public works Superintendent and it is recommended that Jacob O’Brien of 30530 State Rte 126, NY be appointed on a probationary period to fill said vacancy.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, Jacob O’Brien is hereby appointed to the position of MEO-2 at an hourly rate of compensation established at $23.32 per hour, affective Monday August 14th, 2023.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that said appointment is on a probationary basis with employee being promoted to permanent full-time basis following successful completion of a 3-month probationary period.

A motion to adopt the forgoing resolution was offered by Supervisor Bartlett, seconded by Councilman Prosser.

Ayes All

MOTION #101-2023

WHEREAS, it is necessary to solicit for sealed bids to furnish the Town with minimum of 1,500 yards of screened and loaded sand for the highway department use in the winter months; and

WHEREAS, the Town will accept sealed bids accompanied by a non-collusion statement on the sale to Town of Watertown of said material up until Thursday September 14th, 2023 at 3:00 pm; and

WHEREAS, all sealed bids will be reviewed for compliance with the General Municipal Law (competitive bid requirements) and the bid winner will be awarded to the most responsive and responsible bidder at the Thursday, September 14th, 2023 Town Council meeting.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Town Clerk is hereby authorized to issue a public notice in the official newspaper of the Town calling for sealed bids to be received at the Town of Watertown Town Clerk’s office up until 3:00 pm, Thursday September 14th, 2023.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Town council retains the right to accept or deny any and all bids not in compliance with the General Municipal Law (competitive bid requirements).

A motion to adopt the forgoing resolution was offered by Supervisor Bartlett, seconded by Councilman Prosser.

Ayes All

MOTION #102-2023

Supervisor Bartlett moved to pay the following abstracts as audited.

Utilities paid prior to the meeting
General Vouchers # 149 to 151 Total $ 11,099.82
Highway Vouchers # 133 to 133 Total $ 17,456.08
Spec. Dist. Vchrs. # 86 to 86 Total $ 4,496.99

Vouchers approved for monthly meeting
General Vouchers # 152 to 178 Total $ 70,062.73
Highway Vouchers # 134 to 152 Total $ 58,039.65
Spec. Dist. Vchrs. # 87 to 104 Total $ 162,465.37

Supervisor Bartlett moved the foregoing resolution, seconded by Councilman McAtee, and upon roll call vote of the Board was duly adopted as follows:

Joel R. Bartlett, Supervisor yes
Paul V. Desormo absent
David D. Prosser yes
Joanne McClusky absent
Timothy McAtee yes

Supervisor Bartlett informed the Board of a report from Mr. Ross, Town Code Officer. It describes the state of the property located on the corner of US Rte 11 and NYS Rte 232. The Board will review and take action to demolish the structure at the next board meeting.

Supervisor Bartlett read a letter from Max Ferguson, 23496 Spring Valley Drive. He is requesting to have Water District #4 water line extended to his property. Supervisor Bartlett will contact Mr. Ferguson to explain the situation of expanding the district. He would have to bear the cost to extend the line.

MOTION #103-2023

Councilman Prosser moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:42 pm, seconded by Councilman McAtee.

Ayes All

Pamela D. Desormo, Town Clerk

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