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September 11, 2017

Regular Meeting

Town of Watertown Planning Board

September 11, 2017


Members Present:     Tom Boxberger, Co-Chair

Pam Desormo, Co-Chair

Terry MacAdam

Jim Smith

Randy Vaas


Mr. Boxberger called the regular meeting of the Town of Watertown Planning Board to order at 7:00 p.m.


Motion 57-17:            Motion by Mr. Smith, seconded by Mr. MacAdam to accept the minutes of the August 7, 2017 meeting as written and distributed.


Ayes All: Motion Carried.




Mark Brown – East Gotham Road – Tax Map #91.08-1-5.1 – 2 Lot Subdivision.


Legal notice was published in the newspaper and proof was provided that adjacent property owners were notified.


The public hearing was opened at 7:01 p.m.


Mary Beth Chandler, 25590 East Gotham Road asked why they were subdividing the property and asked if there would be more subdivisions in the future.  She has noticed that they have been clearing land and bringing in fill.  She stated that she has had problems with drainage from this property onto hers and wanted to know what she can do if the drainage gets worse.


The board stated that at this time a 2 lot subdivision is the only matter before the board.  The subdivided lot is for Mark Brown’s son Adam Brown.

Drainage issues need to be directed to the Town of Watertown Highway Superintendent.


Claire Smith, 25492 East Gotham Road spoke about the speed limit on

East Gotham Road.  She stated that with new development, the current speed limit of 55 mph needs to be lowered to 40 mph.


The board stated that she should approach the Town Board on Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. with her concerns over the speed limit as the Town Board would have to make a recommendation to the NYS Department of Transportation for a change in speed limit.


The public hearing was closed at 7:16 p.m.




Tara Strader – 18176 County Route 65 – Tax Map #90.00-6-24.22 & Audrey Olin – County Route 65 – Tax Map #90.00-6-24.21 – Lot Line Adjustment


No one was present.




Mark Brown – East Gotham Road – Tax Map #91.08-1-5.1 – 2 Lot Subdivision.


The board reviewed the plans for the 2 lot subdivision.  Discussion followed.





There was some concern whether more than 1 acres of land was disturbed to clear brush on the land.  Adam Brown stated that he did not disturb an acre.  Mr. Vaas will stop by the land to check.  If more than 1 acre has been disturbed, a stormwater permit would be required prior to subdivision approval.


Motion 58-17:            Motion by Mrs. Desormo, seconded by Mr. Vaas to grant a 2 lot subdivision to Mark and Abigail Brown for property on East Gotham Road,  Tax Map #91.08-1-5.1.  Lot #1 will be 7.424 acres and the residual Lot #2 will be 77.846 acres as shown on plans drawn by Patsy Storino, dated 8/9/17, File #17-033-Watn.  The survey is dated 7/6  & 7/18/17, Drawing #1, conditional upon review of the site by Mr. Vaas to determine if a Storm Water Permit is required and satisfactory review of lot descriptions.


Ayes All: Motion Carried.




Car Freshner – 22619 County Route 196 – Tax Map #73.20-1-11.1 – 12′ x 24′ Salt Storage Building.


Dennis Kriwox, Director of Engineering for Car Freshner, presented proposed plans for a 12′ x 24′ salt storage building at 22619 County Route 196.  The present salt storage container has rotted and will be removed upon completion of the new building.  Discussion followed.


The board requested that a new plat be submitted of the entire parcel, showing the location of the new structure, other buildings, and parking areas.


Motion 59-17:            Motion by Mrs. Desormo, seconded by Mr. Smith to waive site plan review for Car Freshner, 22619 County Route 196, Tax Map #73.20-1-11.1 for a 12′ x 24′ salt storage building do to the small square footage involved and also the fact that it is replacing an old existing building.  This is conditional upon review of submission of a new plat of the entire parcel, showing the location of the new structure, other buildings, and parking areas for review by the board.


Ayes All: Motion Carried.


Mike Lundy – Agribusiness Park Project – NYS Route 3 – Tax Map #82.00-2-1 – Site Plan


Tom Boxberger stated that he and Mrs. Desormo, along with Town Supervisor, Joel Bartlett, Mike Lundy and Engineers from GYMO attended an informal meeting to review the steps that need to be taken for an Agribusiness Park Project.


Tom Ross, GYMO, presented preliminary plans for the proposed Agribusiness Park Project on NYS Route 3, Tax Map #82.00-2-1.  He outline some of the steps that have to be taken for this project including an extension of the sewer and water lines, extension of the water and sewer district, adoption of a Plan Development District (PDD), and subdivision of the property.  He also stated that the Town of Hounsfield is in discussion to annex a portion of property to the Town of Watertown for this project.  The back portion of the property may be designated as Forever Wild Land.  There will be covenants on the property, specifically for agribusiness business, whether it be retail, the meat packing plant, or something with BOCES.  Nothing is set in stone and the plans are very preliminary.


The adoption of a Plan Development District (PDD) is beneficial to the Town as it gives the ability to control what kind of development takes place in a PDD.



Mike Lundy made the following comments:


He plans to have the SWPPP and long form SEQRA done on the entire 90 acres so process will be completed for future projects.


He would like to have the entire parcel shovel ready so the JCIDA can attract new business in the park.


He has proposed many lots on the proposed plans to help save time.  It is easier to do lot line adjustments than come back numerous times for subdivisions.


He plans on coming to the October meeting with a “concept site plan” showing where new infrastructure will be and follow that with a subdivision plan that will show 3 – 5 acre lots.


He has due diligence rights to appear before the board prior to purchasing the land.


Mr. Vaas stated that once the project is submitted and the Planning Board does a Positive Declaration, a public scoping session will be scheduled.  This public scoping session will be held as a special meeting and may include afternoon and evening hours.


Motion 60-17:            Motion by Mr. Desormo, seconded by Mr. Boxberger, to scheduled a special meeting of the Town of Watertown Planning Board for Monday, October 2, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. with the Tug Hill Commission.


Ayes All: Motion Carried.



Motion 61-17:            Motion by Mrs. MacAdam, seconded by Mrs. Desormo to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 p.m.


Ayes All: Motion Carried.



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