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October 2, 2017

Regular Meeting
Town of Watertown Planning Board
October 2, 2017

Members Present: Tom Boxberger, Co-Chair
Pam Desormo, Co-Chair
Terry MacAdam
Jim Smith

Members Excused: Randy Vaas

Mr. Boxberger called the regular meeting of the Town of Watertown Planning Board to order at 7:00 p.m.

Motion 67-17: Motion by Mr. Smith, seconded by Mr. MacAdam to accept the minutes of the September 11, 2017 meeting as written and distributed.

Ayes All: Motion Carried.

Motion 68-17: Motion by Mr. Boxberger, seconded by Mrs. Desormo to scheduled a special meeting of the Town of Watertown Planning Board with the Tug Hill Commission for Thursday, November 6, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.

Ayes All: Motion Carried.

Mr. Boxberger informed the board that Mr. Vaas visited the Mark Brown property located on East Gotham Road, Tax Map #91.08-1-5.1, as discussed at the September meeting, and verified that less than an acre of land was disturbed, therefore, no storm water permit is needed.


Burrville Congregational Church – Corner of County Route 67 & VanAllen Road N. – Tax Map #91.11-1-17 – Sign Permit

No one was present.


Tara Strader – 18176 County Route 65 – Tax Map #90.00-6-24.22 & Audrey Olin – County Route 65 – Tax Map #90.00-6-24.21 – Lot Line Adjustment

Howard Lyndaker, Gymo, on behalf of Tara Strader/Audrey Olin, submitted proposed plans for a lot line adjustment on County Route 65 – Tax Map #90.00-6-24.22/90.00-6-24.21. Discussion followed.

Motion 69-17: Motion by Mrs. Desormo, seconded by Mr. Boxberger to approve a lot line adjustment for Olin/Strader property located at 18176 County Route 65 – Tax Map #90.00-6-24.21 (Parcel #1) and Tax Map #90.00-6-24.22 (Parcel #2). The lot line adjustment conveys 17.536 acres from Parcel #1 to Parcel #2 making it 18.573 acres. The residual Parcel #1 will be 6.179 acres as shown on plans prepared by GYMO, signed by Howard Lyndaker with an issued date of 9/13/17, Project #96-218S.01 and a map date of 9/12/13, conditional upon satisfactory review of SEQRA and lot descriptions.

Ayes All: Motion Carried.




FX Caprara Import – 19138 US Route 11 – Tax Map #91.05-1-61.2 – Site Plan Update

Mike Lasell, MBL Engineering, submitted updated plans showing an additional 11 parking spaces to the previous site plan approved on 6/5/17. Discussion followed.

The board is still waiting for submission of a color rendering of the project showing all elevations.

Mr. Lasell will submit this immediately.

The board would like to see additional landscaping on Watertown Center Loop, specifically, a minimum of 30′ on either side of the entrances consistent with the type of vegetation cited on US Route 11. Discussion followed.

Motion 70-17: Motion by Mr. Boxberger, seconded by Mr. Smith to amend the site plan (Motion 37-17 made by Mr. Vaas, seconded by Mr. Smith on 6/5/17) for FX Caprara Import, 19138 US Route 11, Tax Map #91.05-1-61.2 to allow for an increase in parking to the south. This is conditional upon providing an updated plat showing additional vegetation on the north side of the north entrance and south side of the south entrance on Watertown Center Loop of a distance no less than 30 feet. This vegetation is to be consistent with what is identified on the plat for screening on US Route 11 as shown on revised plans prepared by MBL Engineering, C003, dated 4/17/17 with revision dates of 6/5/17 & 9/25/17, conditional upon submission of the color rendered drawing from 6/5/17 which has not yet been received.

Ayes All: Motion Carried.


Mike Lundy – Agribusiness Park Project – NYS Route 3 – Tax Map #82.00-2-1 – Site Plan

Howard Lyndaker, GYMO, updated the board on the proposed Agribusiness Park Project. The developers are still working on the water/sewer capacity details with the Town Supervisor, Joel Bartlett.

Mr. Boxberger stated that the Planning Board has been working with the Tug Hill Commission and believe that the adoption of a Plan Development District (PDD) may not be the best option for this proposed project. They believe that a new zone should be created. Discussion followed.

Mrs. Desormo will notify all parties involved once a date and time has been arranged for an informal work session with planning board members, town officials, and developers to discuss what criteria is needed for a new zone.

There were concerned parties at the meeting who read about the proposed project in the newspaper and expressed concerns and wanted to know more about the plans. Mr. Boxberger stated that this is not a public hearing, however, he assured them that the proposed project is in the very early stages. He also assured them that required notifications would be posted regarding this proposed project as the plans move ahead.

Mr. Lundy stated that after the next informal work session, he may be ready to submit SEQRA at the December meeting.



Motion 71-17: Motion by Mrs. MacAdam, seconded by Mr. Smith to adjourn the meeting at 7:55 p.m.

Ayes All: Motion Carried.

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