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May 7, 2018

Regular Meeting
Town of Watertown Planning Board
May 7, 2018

Members Present: Tom Boxberger, Co-Chair
Pam Desormo
Terry MacAdam
Jim Smith
Randy Vaas

Mr. Boxberger called the regular meeting of the Town of Watertown Planning Board to order at 7:00 p.m.

Motion 27-18: Motion by Mr. Smith, seconded by Mr. MacAdam to accept the minutes of the April 2, 2018 meeting as written and distributed.

Ayes All: Motion Carried.

Motion 28-18: Motion by Mr. Boxberger, seconded by Mr. Vaas to schedule a special meeting of the Town of Watertown Planning Board for 3:00 p.m. on May 14, 2018 regarding the MS4 regulations.

Ayes All: Motion Carried.

Motion 29-18: Motion by Mr. Boxberger, seconded by Mr. Smith to reschedule the regular June meeting of the Town of Watertown Planning Board for Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

Ayes All: Motion Carried.

Mark O’Hara, 19634 Hillside Drive – Tax Map #82.20-2-65 approach the board regarding a 3 lot subdivision he was granted in May of 2017. When he applied, he was told by the board that he had to submit a survey, a feasibility study for on-site sewer disposal, and contact the Liettere Water Tract regarding water and covenant restrictions. Mr. O’Hara provided the requested information to the board.

His neighbor, Robert Hawthorne, 19629 Woodside Drive, appeared before the board in February of this year for a subdivision and was not required to provide the detailed sewer information. Mr. O’Hara does not feel that it is fair that he had to pay the expense of the study when his neighbor didn’t. He stated that he was led to believe, by the board, that it was a requirement.

Mr. Boxberger stated that each application is reviewed separately and the board makes a determination as to what information is required.


Vicki Bulger – 21790 Sunset Ridge – Tax Map #82.20-2-48 & Tax Map #82.20-2-86.91 – Lot line adjustment.

No one was present.


Structural Associates – 20707 County Route 200 – Tax Map #73-20-1-2.7. Temporary 14′ x 20′ building – Jefferson County Industrial Park.

No one was present.



Tracy Edgar – 24922 NYS Route 12 – Tax Map #91.07-1-20.1 – Preliminary discussion to build 5 cabins to rent on her property as a seasonal campground.

Tracy Edgar approached the board for a preliminary discussion regarding building 5 cabins for rent at 24922 NYS Route 12 as a seasonal campground. Discussion followed.

The board stated that any use for habitation would require that each unit be designed by a Licensed Professional Engineer or Architect and meet NYS State Building Codes. The plans would also have to include sewage plans, certified potable water and meet all setback requirements.

When Ms. Edgar submits engineering plans, a scaled drawing of the proposed campground, a completed site plan application, and a short form SEQRA, the board can schedule a public hearing and refer the proposed plans to the Jefferson County Department of Planning for their review.


Virginia Gladle – 24605 Gotham Street Road – Tax Map # 83.19-1-49/83.19-1-43.2- Preliminary discussion for a subdivision.

Scott Kolb, Storino Surveying, on behalf of Virginia Gladle, approached the board with preliminary plans for a subdivision at 24605 Gotham Street Road. Mr. Kolb is waiting for documentation from the DEC regarding wetlands on this property. Discussion followed.

The road frontage in the proposed plans does not meeting zoning requirements. The board cannot take any action. Mr. Kolb would have to approach the Town of Watertown’s Zoning Board of Appeals and apply for an area variance.

The other option would be to make it a legal lot and apply for a lot line adjustment with the planning board.

A few board members would be willing to meet with the property owner to discuss options.


Lundy Development & Property Management, LLC – Lot #2B in the Jefferson County Industrial Park – Addition to the bus garage.

Mike Lundy presented amendments for the bus garage on Lot #2B in the Jefferson County Industrial Park.

The first amendment is for a minor modification requested by IDA. One of the on-going issues is that some zoning in the park doesn’t match the covenant restrictions. The original setback on the amended site plan is 50′ from the property line. The covenant restrictions ask for 75′. Mr. Lundy met with the IDA, at their request, and was asked to comply with the 75′ setback.

Mr. Lundy submitted updated plans showing the building rotated 90 degrees to meet the 75′ setback requirement. The other change shows the busing entrance at the east driveway with the buses parking at an angle and exiting at the west driveway. This change will allow for future expansion as shown in the new site plan.

The second amendment request is to make the building larger by adding a 20′ x 80′ framed bay to accommodate increased office and training areas and to add interior storage. The plans also include a fueling station.

First Student will have to meet New York State DEC standards for the fueling station. The proposed plans meet the setbacks from the building and property line as required by the DEC. The fueling station will be behind a privacy fence and has security lighting.

Two other changes are a modification for the location of the sewer lateral to include an underground bore at County Route 200 at the Jefferson County Highway Department’s request so there will not be an impact on traffic during construction and the driveway permit from the Jefferson County Highway Department recommended that the west bus exit be moved to lessen the finish grade.

Mr. Lundy also submitted two landscaping/topography plans. The first shows the existing topography and the second shows proposed plans for the privacy fence and landscaping requested when the amended site plan was approved. Discussion followed.

Mr. Boxberger stated that the board has been advised that amendments to this site plan will need to be referred to the Jefferson County Department of Planning for their review. A new Site Plan Application is required for the proposed amendments requested this evening. This will remove any question of the process dating back to the original approved amended site plan in January.

Mr. Lundy submitted a new Site Plan Application with a SEQRA. Discussion followed.

There will be no changes to the elevation and color of the building so a new elevation drawing has not been submitted.

The following information needs to be provided.

$ Adjacent property owners across the road need to be cited on the plans.

$ The size of the waterline needs to be cited on the plans.

$ The SEQRA needs to be corrected and resubmitted.

$ The Town of Watertown Fire Department needs to be notified as a formal submittal regarding fire/safety concerns.

The board feels that there are no traffic concern due to the staggering of buses coming and going as show in a letter from Michael Lundy to the JCIDA dated 4/4/18 outlining the staggered route shifts (Attachment #1). As well as a visual observance of the current bus garage by board member Tom Boxberger. The way the bus routes are scheduled, there does not seem to be a traffic backup issue.

Mr. Lundy will provide detailed documentation of traffic in the area.

The board feels that they have enough information to submit this proposed project to the Jefferson County Department of Planning for their review.

Motion 30-18: Motion by Mr. Boxberger, seconded by Mr. Smith to schedule a public hearing for the proposed bus garage on Lot #2B in the Jefferson County Industrial park for Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

Ayes All: Motion Carried.

Motion 31-18: Motion by Mr. MacAdam, seconded by Mr. Smith to adjourn the meeting at 8:16 p.m.

Ayes All: Motion Carried.
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