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May 8, 2014 Town Board Meeting




MAY 8, 2014







Supervisor Bartlett led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Supervisor Bartlett opened the meeting at 7:00 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance and called for a roll of members present.  All members were present except for Councilman Smith and Councilman Desormo .  Legal Counsel Joseph W. Russell was present.



Supervisor Bartlett moved to adopt the minutes of the April 10, 2014 regular meeting.  Councilman Prosser seconded the motion.



Ayes All


Supervisor Bartlett opened the floor for anyone wishing to address the town board.


(Councilman Desormo arrived at 7:13 PM)


Mr. James Davis, 17160 Ives Street Road, spoke about the property on Ives Street Road which is going up for auction by the County.  It is junkyard property formerly owned by Carlisle Kellner.  It is still listed as a viable junk yard.  It is our understanding that once the property is out of business after a period of time, it will no longer be a commercial property and it would convert back to residential. His concern, is that if someone were to purchase it, the residents would be right back to where they started.  Mr. Davis read a letter he had written about the history of the property. We are opposed to it being a junkyard again.  Legal Counsel Joseph Russell stated that it is a zoning question.  That is, that the property was previously a pre-existing non conforming use.  The question is whether it still has the protection of the non conforming use and if it has been out of operation for a year, under the zoning laws it has lost the protection.  If someone purchased the property, it does not necessarily mean that it could be used as a junk yard.  He stated that it would be appropriate for the Town to send a letter to the County stating that the property was no longer a commercial property.  Mr. Russell suggested a letter either from the town or Mr. Grant that the property had reverted back to residential status.  Perhaps the county would pull it from the list of properties for sale.  Mr. Jon Grant stated that he had walked the property and could attest that the property is contaminated, at least on the surface.  He did not know what was underground.  Mr. Russell said that a letter to the county indicating that it was contaminated, might cause the county to not want to take title to the property.  .

Mr. Davis provided a copy of the letter to the town clerk, he had prepared and read.  The letter is attached to the minutes.

Celeste Kibling reviewed the history attempts of the town to remove the owners from the property.  Since then no one has been operating the junk yard.

Mr. Russell said that the town does not have jurisdiction over the environmental issues.


Mrs. Simone Woodside asked what the status of the Northeast Water District.  Supervisor Bartlett stated that he was in the process of putting together a letter to the owners of the properties asking for their signatures on the water district question.


Supervisor Bartlett closed the open session of the board meeting.


Town Clerk’s correspondence:  a letter from Red Lobster stating that they are renewing their Liquor License.



WHEREAS, the 1812 Marathon LLC has requested a grant of $2,500.00 to assist the organization with promotional expenses associated with the 2014 1812 Marathon which brings many competitors and visitors to the area, and

WHEREAS, the request for funding said expenses is to be used to underwrite promotional and advertising expenses only.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, The Town Council of the Town of Watertown hereby authorizes a grant in the amount of $2,500,00 to the 1812 Marathon LLC to underwrite advertising and promotional expenses for the 2014 1812 marathon


Supervisor Bartlett moved the foregoing resolution and Councilman Rich seconded.


Ayes All



Supervisor Bartlett moved to pay the following abstracts as audited.


General Vouchers       #          98        to         100      Total    $  10,809.74

Highway Voucher       #          84        to           84      Total    $  16,342.02

General Vouchers       #        101        to         125      Total    $    8,125.83

Highway Vouchers     #          85        to         103      Total    $  10,931.72

Spec. Dist. Vouchers. #          30        to           34      Total    $136,754.52


Councilman Rich seconded the motion.


Supervisor Bartlett moved to include $360.96 in the Highway Vouchers as #103, which is now included above.  Councilman Rich seconded the amendment


Ayes All on the amendment


Ayes All to the motion as amended


Supervisor Bartlett noted that a copy of a draft letter will be mailed

by the Town of Watertown Ambulance Service.  If there are not objections to the letter, the Ambulance Service will be notified.


Supervisor Bartlett noted a letter, which the board has a copy, stating that Time Warner Cable would be renewing its contract with the town upon the expiration 2/20/17.


The Supervisor also noted that among the information the town board has is the contract with the Jefferson County Storm Water Coalition.  He asked the board members to review this contract.


Supervisor Bartlett also asked the board members to review the draft of the Town of Watertown Comprehensive Plan.



Supervisor Bartlett moved to adjourn to executive session to discuss an employee’s work history.  The executive session was moved at 7:32 PM.  Councilman Prosser seconded.


Ayes All


Supervisor Bartlett reconvened the regular portion of the meeting at 7:52 PM


Old Business:

Councilman Prosser asked the status of the limb pickup.  Superintendent Maguire said that it was moving along and that he would continue with the operation.



Councilman Prosser moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:55 PM.  Councilman Desormo seconded.


Ayes All








Catherine M. Rich, Town Clerk










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