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July 6, 2020

Regular Meeting
Town of Watertown Planning Board
July 6, 2020

Members Present: Tom Boxberger, Co-Chair (via Zoom)
Pam Desormo, Co-Chair
Jim Smith
Terry MacAdam
Randy Vaas

Mrs. Desormo called the regular meeting of the Town of Watertown Planning Board to order at 3:00 p.m.

Motion 43-20: Motion by Mrs. Desormo, seconded by Mr. Boxberger to schedule a workshop meeting with the Tug Hill Commission to discuss zoning regulations on Monday, August 3, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.

Ayes All: Motion Carried.

Motion 44-20: Motion by Mrs. Boxberger, seconded by Mrs. Desormo to accept the minutes of the June 1, 2020 meeting as written and distributed.

Ayes All: Motion Carried.


TI AG Park, LLC – 19970 NYS Route 3 – Tax Map #82.00-1-1 – Lot #8 – Construction of a 19,520 Square Foot Warehouse & Processing Facility

Evidence was provided that legal notice was posted in the newspaper.

The public hearing was opened at 3:04 p.m. No one from the public wished to speak. The public hearing was closed at 3:05 p.m.


The Detail Shop – 21182 Salmon Run Mall Loop West – Tax Map #82.11-1-50.21-701 Update to previously approved signage.

Anthony Heaney, on behalf of The Detail Shop, submitted an Authorization Form from Salmon Run Mall and presented updated plans for signage at 21182 Salmon Run Mall Loop West. The signage will be on the south side of the building facing Arsenal Street. It will be lit from the back. Discussion followed.

Motion 45-20: Motion by Mr. Vaas, seconded by Mrs. Desormo to approve signage for The Detail Shop, 21182 Salmon Run Mall Loop West, Tax Map #82.11-1-50.21-701 as shown on plans prepared by Serianni Signs, conditional upon submission of the application fee.

Ayes All: Motion Carried.

A zoning permit will be needed.



Jeremy Kitto – 16824 County Route 155 – Tax Map #91.17-1-17.4 – 2 Lot Subdivision

Patrick Scordo, on behalf of Jeremy Kitto, presented proposed plans for a 2 lot subdivision at 16824 County Route 155, Tax Map #91.17-1-17.4. Mr. Kitto would like to do a 2 lot subdivision, separating the house as one lot so he can sell it. He is planning on keeping the remainder of the property for agricultural use. The current frontage on the property is 258 feet. The proposed two lot subdivision would include using 150′ road frontage for the lot with the house. This would leave 108′ road frontage for the second lot. Mr. Scordo stated that he is in process of preparing a new survey and may need to adjust road frontage on each lot because of the driveway and detached garage. Discussion followed.

Motion 46-20: Motion by Mrs. Desormo, seconded by Mr. MacAdam to deny the subdivision application submitted by Jeremy Kitto, 16824 County Route 155, Tax Map #91.17-1-17.4 as it does not meet zoning requirements for road frontage. This matter is referred to the ZBA.

Ayes All: Motion Carried.

The Board recommends that the lot with the house maintain the minium 150′ road frontage to meet zoning requirements and the second lot be presented to the ZBA for a variance with 108′ road frontage.


Verizon Wireless “Spring Valley Drive” Communication Facility – 19079 US Route 11 – Tax Map #91.05-1-63 – Construction of a Cell Tower (Rent-A-Wreck property).

Dave Brennan submitted a completed application with fees and proposed plans to construct a telecommunications facility at 19079 US Route 11, Tax Map #91.05-1-63 which is property owned by Rent-A-Wreck.

The Board asked why Spring Valley Drive’s name is on the proposed project.

Mr. Brennan stated that when they originally started looking for a site approximately 3 years ago, the engineers reviewed maps to get the largest or most centrally located feature in the search area which happened to be on Spring Valley Drive.

Mr. Brennan stated that the existing towers in the area provides some service but they are looking to improve the existing coverage in the area. After speaking with the local Town of Watertown Fire Department, they felt that they should not utilize Spring Valley Drive area because the Fire Department uses the adjacent land as a landing pad for helicopters. Since there is no other tall structure in the vicinity, they are looking to construct a new one at 19079 US Route 11.

Mr. Vaas asked why they aren’t looking at two other existing towers in the area. The first is located at the Watertown Correctional Facility and the other is located on Swan Road on Emergency Services property. Discussion followed.

Mr. Brennan said he will look into why these towers have not been considered. He stated that they may be out of the search area.

Mr. Brennan stated that the first step is to come to the Planning Board to get the Board’s input. The project also need to be referred to Jefferson County Department of Planning, and a public hearing needs to be scheduled.


Additionally, a resource evaluation needs to be performed. This consist of flying a balloon on a weekend. This process requires that notice be posted in the local newspaper both 14 and 7 days prior to the evaluation.

Mr. Vaas stated that he would like to be on site when the resource evaluation is performed. Mr. Brennan will coordinate the resource evaluation date with Mrs. Desormo so that notice is posted in the local newspaper and Mrs. Desormo will notify Mr. Vaas of the evaluation date.

Mr. Brennan stated that at the August 3, 2020 meeting he will be asking the Board to schedule the public hearing.

Mr. Brennan also stated that an escrow check was submitted with the application fee.
He asked if the Town plans to hires a consultant regarding the construction of the telecommunication tower. If they do, he asks that they do this promptly. Mrs. Desormo will check with the Town Supervisor and get back to Mr. Brennan.

Mrs. Desormo will forward this proposed project to the Jefferson County Department of Planning for their review.


TI AG Park, LLC – 19970 NYS Route 3 – Tax Map #82.00-1-1 – Lot #8 – construction of a 19,520 square foot Warehouse & Processing Facility

Mr. Lundy submitted the remaining application fee.

Mr. Lundy updated the Board that this is a multi-phase project. The first phase being the construction of a 19,520 square foot warehouse and processing facility. Mr. Lundy is currently working with a prospective tenant and, over time, the project may be expanded up to 50,000 square feet on 5 ½ acres of land.

A master SWPPP for Lots 1-8 in the Ag Park will be submitted.

Mr. Lundy is also working on creating guidelines regarding landscaping, lighting & signage for the entire TI Ag Park to keep things consistent. Discussion followed.

Motion 47-20: Motion by Mrs. Desormo, seconded by Mr. Vaas to grant site plan approval for TI Ag Park, LLC, 19970 NYS Route 3, Tax Map #82.00-1-1, Lot #8 for the construction of a 19,520 square foot warehouse and processing facility as shown on plans prepared by GYMO Architects, Project #2017-134E.10, dated 5/4/20, with an issue date of 5/12/20, Page C101, C102, G101, G102, dated 5/13/20, and Project #2017-360-10, Page A-201, dated 5/27/20, conditional upon completion, submission, and review of the SWPPP.

Ayes All: Motion Carried.

Mr. Boxberger addressed a request from Don Alexander to consider revising the Town Zoning Code to reflect the same allowed uses as the JCIDA covenants. Mr. Alexander feels this could eliminate future problems with existing tenants over use and setback discrepancies of new development.

Mr. Boxberger asked that Board members visit the Industrial Park prior to the August meeting to familiarize themselves with the current tenants in the park so they can discuss their findings at the special work session meeting with the Tug Hill Commission on August 3, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.

Mr. Boxberger stated that there are seven allowable uses under the JCIDA’s covenants in the park. Mr. Boxberger said after his visit, he counted between 6-8 tenants that he believes do not meet those covenants. He would like to get the opinion of all Board members on this matter.

Mr. Boxberger also stated that the Town Attorney, Joe Russell, has been advised of issues concerning development in the Jefferson County Industrial Park involving the Planning Board. While we are waiting on a final determination from Mr. Russell, the Board should wait before taking action on any project in the Jefferson County Industrial park.

Motion 48-20: Motion by Mr. Boxberger, seconded by Mr. MacAdam to adjourn the meeting at 3:55 p.m.

Ayes All: Motion Carried.

Susan Burdick

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