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December 29, 2022 Year End Meeting

Year End Meeting
Municipal Building
December 29, 2022

Members Present: Joel R. Bartlett, Supervisor
Paul V. Desormo, Councilman
David D. Prosser, Councilman
Joanne McClusky, Councilwoman

Members Absent: Timothy McAtee, Councilman

Supervisor Bartlett opened the Year End Meeting with a roll call of members present at 7:00 pm.

Supervisor Bartlett opened the public hearing at 7:03 pm concerning the district formation of the boundaries for the proposed Northeast Water District along NYS Route 126, Hunt Street, Hampton Gardens, and Slate Road.

Jill Jones, Slate Road asked about the cost to the property owners in the district. She inquired of where the individual connections would end and the property owner would be responsible to connect.

Bridgett Rule, Slate Road inquired about hydrants in the area. She added that would lower the cost of homeowners insurance due to the added fire protection.

Nancy Labelle, Slate Road asked about the length of debt service and who is responsible for connections to the homes.

Supervisor Bartlett and the town engineer addressed the questions: Supervisor Bartlett stated the property owner would pick up the cost to connect from the curb stop. The property owner would be reasonable for a yearly cost on their taxes plus the cost of water use. Each property owner would have the choice if they want to connect. They would still be responsible to pay towards the debt service whether they connect or not. The Town Board would establish the district using Article 12A. There will be a 30-day permissive referendum after the public hearing before the Town Board will moves to establish the district. At that time anyone who would like to grieve the process has the opportunity. There would be fire hydrants located along the water lines. The debt service annual cost and length will be determined when the financing is finalized.

No one else wished to speak. Supervisor Bartlett suggested because of the interest and concerns of the residents of this water district not to close the public hearing. The Board agreed to adjourn the public hearing at 7:15 pm and reconvene January 12, 2023 at the regular monthly Town Board Meeting.

MOTION #126-2022

Supervisor Bartlett moved to reopen the public hearing January 12, 2023 at 7:00 pm concerning the formation of the boundaries of the proposed Northeast Water District along NYS Route 126, Hunt Street, Hampton Gardens, and Slate Road. Motion was seconded by Councilman Prosser.

Ayes All

Supervisor Bartlett opened the floor to the public; no one else wished to speak.

MOTION #127-2022

WHEREAS, a vacancy exist in the public works department work force; and

WHEREAS, to bring the staffing level to full maintain the necessary level of workforce to provide maintenance and service to the public works it is necessary to fill said vacancy; and

WHEREAS, applications for public works employment were solicited and reviewed by the public works Superintendent and it is recommended that Michael C. Cousins of 16 ½ N Main St Adams NY be appointed on a probationary period to fill said vacancy.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, Michael C. Cousins is hereby appointed to the position of MEO-2 at an hourly rate of compensation established at $23.32 per hour affective this date December 29, 2022.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that said appointment is on a probationary basis with employee being promoted to permanent full-time basis following successful completion of a 3-month probationary period.

A motion to adopt the foregoing resolution was offered by supervisor Bartlett and seconded by Councilman Prosser.

Ayes All

MOTION #128-2022

BE IT RESOLVED, the Supervisor is authorized to amend the 2022 budget to reflect and correct postings to various budget appropriation accounts at year end as follows:

General Fund Revenue Estimates for December 2022

County Sales Tax Revenue $28,832.00
Franchise Revenue 4th Quarter $17,334.00
Vital Statistics $ 3,590.00
Fines and Bail $ 5,861.00
Real Property Tax Admin A3040 $ 4,500.00
Adjusted Appropriated Fund Balance $120,000.00

Correct Prior Code Entry
A1410.11 $3,034.00
Corrected to a 1410.12 $3,034.00

Line Item Amendments
A1220.4 increase to $46,725.00

Decrease Code Increase Code Amount
A1990.4 $6,758.00 1620.4 $ 758.00
5010.4 $1,000.00
8160.4 $5,000.00

A9060.8 8160.4 $6.600.00

Highway Fund
Revenue Estimates Sales Tax Receipt $100, 000.00
Service Other Gov’t $ 15,329.00

Increase Appropriated Fund Balance to $160,000.00
Record as Received COVID ARA funds $128, 451. 00

Highway appropriations
Decrease Code Increase Code Amount
5112.2 5110.1 $ 40, 000.00
5142.4 budget TO $161, 318.00

Increase Fund Transfer from General Fund by $70,000
Decrease Code Increase Code Amount
5112.2 5130.4 $9,000.00
D9710.7 D9030.8 $5,000.00

Special Districts December Revenue Estimates for December Billing

Sewer 1 rents $ 2,557.00
Sewer 2 rents $35,600.00

Code ARA SS4089 as received and applied $95,579.00
Sewer 3 rents $ 9,803.00
Sewer 4 rents $12,550.00
Sewer 5 rents $ 1,738.00
Source 6 rents $ 2,313.00

Water 1 metered sales $45,355.00
Real Property Lease $ 3,300.00
Record ARA Funds as Received $45,000.00
Water 3 Sales $ 3,582.00
Water 4 Sales $ 9,212.00
Real Property Lease $ 2,023.00
Water 5 Sales $ 1,600.00
Water 6 Sales $ 2,270.00

A motion to adopt the foregoing Resolution was made by Supervisor Bartlett, seconded by Councilman Prosser.

Supervisor Joel Bartlett yes
Councilman Paul Desormo yes
Councilman David Prosser yes
Councilman Timothy McAtee absent
Councilwoman Joanne McClusky yes

MOTION #129-2022

Councilman Prosser moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:27 pm, seconded by Councilman Desormo.

Ayes All

Pamela D. Desormo, Town Clerk

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