May 12, 2016

MAY 12, 2016

Members Present: Joel R. Bartlett, Supervisor
Stephen L. Rich, Councilman
Paul V. Desormo, Councilman
David D. Prosser, Councilman
Timothy McAtee, Councilman

Members Absent:

Councilman Desormo offered a prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Supervisor Bartlett opened the meeting at 7:00 pm and called for the roll of members present.
All members were present. Attorney Russell was also present.
MOTION #41-2016
Supervisor Bartlett moved to accept the minutes for April 14, 2016 Regular meeting, Councilman Prosser seconded.
Ayes All
MOTION #42-2016
Supervisor Bartlett moved to accept the minutes for April 28, 2016 Special meeting, Councilman Prosser seconded.
Ayes All
Supervisor Bartlett opened the floor to Brian Robbins, Robbins Family Farms and Linda Garrett, Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust. They informed the Board of their application for a NYS Ag & Markets Farmland Protection Implementation Grant. Ms. Garrett explained the purpose of the grant program. They would need the support for each town involved to take advantage of this opportunity. The Robbins family owns property in the Town’s of Watertown and Hounsfield. The property is located South of Massey Street Road and East of Rome State Road. This would put a permanent easement on the property protecting it from ever being developed. This would insure the property would be forever be used for agriculture purposes.
Supervisor Bartlett opened the floor to the public; no one wished to speak the floor was closed.
The Town Clerk has no correspondence this month.
Supervisor Bartlett accepted the Town Clerk and Town Ambulance reports.
MOTION #43-2016
WHEREAS, Nancy and Brian Robbins, Trustees are the owners of the Robbins Family Land Trust, consisting of approximately 451 acres in tax parcel 90.00-6-2; 90.00-6-6; 90.07-1-17; and 82.00-2-8 in the Town of Watertown, Jefferson County (the “Property”) and an additional 858 acres in the Town of Hounsfield is also part of this grant request; and
WHEREAS, Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust is a New York not-for-profit corporation to accept, purchase, and hold conservation easements under section 170(h) of the Code and Treasury Regulation Section 1.170A-14(c); and
WHEREAS, the Property is located within Jefferson Country’s Agricultural District 3 created pursuant to Article 25-AA of the New York State Agriculture and Markets. It is the purpose of this article to provide a locally-initiated mechanism for the protection and enhancement of New York State’s agricultural land as a viable segment of the local and state economies of the local and state economies and as an economic and environmental resource of major importance; and
WHEREAS, the Property is located within Jefferson County, which adopted an Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan in April 2016, and
WHEREAS, the Property is located within the Town of Watertown, which adopted a Master Plan July 10, 2014; and
WHEREAS, the Property is part of the larger Robbins Farm (Old McDonald’s Farm), which is located in the Towns of Hounsfield and Watertown, but only a portion of the acreage is being considered for this grant because of the cap on grant awards. It is in the intention of the Robbins Family to protect the entire farm, in sections as grant funds are secured over the next rounds of funding; and
WHEREAS, the Property consists primarily of productive agricultural land. The Property, which is 451 acres, contains 377 acres in active crops and livestock production, 166 acres of prime soils and 67 acres of soils of statewide importance as defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resource Conservation Service; and
WHEREAS, Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust determined that accepting this easement on the Property will enhance the long-term agriculture values of the Property and forward its mission of protecting the wildlands, working forests and farm of the Tug Hill region and surrounding areas, and to promote appreciation of the region’s natural and cultural heritage, for present and future generations; and
WHEREAS, Robbins Farm Land Trust and Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust agree the purpose of the agricultural easement will be to perpetually conserve viable agricultural land by preventing the conversion for non-farm uses. In achieving such prevention, the Property shall be forever reserved for continues agricultural use; and
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RELOVED, that Watertown Town Board passed a resolution on May 12, 2016 at a regular Town Board Meeting to endorse the submission of an application for a Farmland Implementation Program Grant for the Robbins Farm Land Trust by Tug Hill Tomorrow Land Trust. If funded this grant will provide funding from the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets to purchase the development rights (Agricultural conservation easement) on this portion Robbins Farm Land Trust.
By order of the Town Board of the Town of Watertown by the following vote thereon: Motion made by Supervisor Bartlett seconded by Councilman Desormo.
Supervisor Joel Bartlett Yes
Stephen Rich Yes
Paul Desormo Yes
David Prosser Yes
Timothy McAtee Yes

MOTION #43-2016
WHEREAS, the Town of Watertown is a member of the Jefferson County Stormwater Coalition which is responsible for filing an annual report to the N.Y.S.D.E.C. detailing certain control measures which reflect stormwater flow management within the defined control boundaries as required by the N.Y.S.D.E.C. and;
WHEREAS, the filing deadline for the annual report for the year 2015-2016 is due by June 1, 2016 and is completed for filing.
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town Council of the Town of Watertown has met the terms and conditions of the regulation and Town Council members are in receipt of the completed report.
THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Supervisor is hereby authorized to execute the 2015-2016 annual MS4 report on behalf of the Town of Watertown and forward said report to the Jefferson County Stormwater Coalition for appropriate filing with the N.Y.S.D.E.C.
A motion to adopt the forgoing resolution was offered by Supervisor Bartlett, and seconded by Councilman Prosser, and upon a roll call vote was adopted as follows:
Supervisor Joel Bartlett Yes
Stephen Rich Yes
Paul Desormo Yes
David Prosser Yes
Timothy McAtee Yes

MOTION #44-2016
Supervisor Bartlett moved to pay the following abstracts as audited.

Utilities paid prior to the meeting

General Vouchers # 92 to 93 Total $ 10,584.62
Highway Vouchers # 64 to 64 Total $ 16,986.14
Spec. Dist. Vchrs. # 37 to 37 Total $ 4,347.07

Vouchers approved for monthly meeting

General Vouchers # 94 to 110 Total $ 60,441.37
Highway Vouchers # 65 to 72 Total $ 2,800.40
Spec. Dist. Vchrs. # 38 to 44 Total $ 110,367.35
Councilman McAtee seconded the motion.
Ayes All
Supervisor Bartlett moved to adjourn to executive session at 7:16 pm to discuss employee work history, Councilman Prosser seconded.
The meeting was reconvened at 7:28 pm.
Supervisor Bartlett acknowledged a letter received from the NYS Correction and Community Supervision. The letter thanked Highway Superintendant Bruce Rohr for his help and expertise in locating and repairing a water break to the prison.
The board reviewed the personal policy and discussed possible changes.

Supervisor Bartlett asked if there was any old or new business to discuss.
Councilman Prosser asked about the status of the fixed assets report. Supervisor Bartlett informed he would make a call this week to check on the status of the report.
MOTION #32-2016
Councilman Prosser moved to close the meeting at 7:12 pm, Councilman Desormo seconded.
Ayes All
Pamela D. Desormo, Town Clerk

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