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September 21, 2016 Special Meeting

Town of Watertown
Special Meeting Town Board
September 21, 2016

Members Present: Joel R. Bartlett, Supervisor
Stephen L. Rich, Councilman
David D. Prosser, Councilman

Members Absent: Paul V. Desormo, Councilman
Timothy McAtee, Councilman

Supervisor Bartlett opened the meeting at 3:00 pm and called for the roll of members. Attorney Joseph Russell was also present.

Supervisor Bartlett opened Public Hearing at 3:02 pm to review the Restore New York Grant application submitted by the Town for property located at 19138 US Rte 11, Watertown, NY.

• Robert Johnston, 22773 Cornwell Lane, asked what the Grant was for.
• Supervisor Bartlett informed it was to restore the building. It would be administered though the Town to rehab the building.
• Mr. Johnston asked about possible DEC issues.
• Supervisor Bartlett responded he believes they have all been resolved.

No other member of the public wished to speak; the public hearing was closed at 3:04 pm.

Supervisor Bartlett opened the Public Hearing at 3:05 pm to introduce the proposed Local Law # 2 of year 2016. A Local Law to amend and reinstate in its entirety Chapter 86 the sign ordinance for the Town of Watertown Zoning Code. No other member of the public wished to speak; the Public Hearing was closed at 3:06 pm.

Supervisor Bartlett opened the floor to the public; no one wished to speak, the floor was closed.

MOTION #76-2016
WHEREAS, the Restore New York Communities Initiative provides municipalities with financial assistance for revitalization of commercial and residential properties. The program encourages community development and neighborhood growth through the elimination and redevelopment of blighted structures; and

WHEREAS, the Town of Watertown is eligible to apply for such funding in Round IV; and

WHEREAS, the Town Council has determined that such funding should be used to assist 19138 US Route 11 LLC in the rehabilitation of 19138 US Route 11, Watertown, New York. The proposed project on this site is consistent with the Town’s goals and long term plans, the financing proposed for the project is appropriate, and the project facilitates effective and efficient use of existing and future public resources so as to promote both economic development and preservation of community resources;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town Supervisor is hereby authorized to sign and submit the Restore New York Round IV application for consideration; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Town Supervisor is hereby authorized to sign all agreements, certifications and other documents required to complete the application and to accept grants and administer the programs that are proposed for this funding.

A motion to adopt the foregoing resolution was offered by Supervisor Bartlett and seconded by Councilmember Prosser, and upon a roll call vote was adopted as follows:

Supervisor: Joel Bartlett Yes
Councilman: Stephen Rich Yes
Councilman: Paul Desormo Absent
Councilman: David Prosser Yes
Councilman: Timothy McAtee Absent

MOTION #77-2016
Supervisor Bartlett offered a motion to authorizing the payment of $250.00 for the grant application fee to the Restore New York Initiative Program. Seconded by Councilman Prosser.
Ayes All
MOTION #78-2016
Supervisor Bartlett introduced Local Law No. 3 for the year 2016. A Local Law to override the Tax Levy Limit established by Section 3-C of the New York General Municipal Law. He called for a public hearing October 6, 2016 at 7:00 pm. Said meeting will be held at the Town of Watertown Municipal Building, 22867 Co Rte 67, Watertown, NY 13601. All persons wishing to speak for or against proposed resolution shall be heard. Seconded by Councilman Rich.
Ayes All
MOTION #79-2016
Supervisor Bartlett moved to accept the minutes from the September 8, 2016 meeting, Councilman Prosser seconded.
Ayes All
Old Business
Supervisor Bartlett informed the Board that at last month’s meeting the Board agreed to hire a new Court Clerk Typist. Following the meeting the gentleman hired declined the job. Supervisor Bartlett informed the Board the Judges requested a pay increase for the possession from $12.72 an hour to $13.50 an hour to compete with similar jobs in the area. Supervisor Bartlett will contact the County for more names. Attorney Russell suggested he may want to check into changing the title of the position. This may open the possibilities of applicants that would not need to be on the County list.
Supervisor Bartlett informed the Board that Local Law #2 of year 2016, a Local Law to amend and reinstate the Dog Control Law for the Town of Watertown was rescinded. It was not introduced in final form and basically the same law that was adopted in 2011.
MOTION #80-2016
Councilman Prosser moved to close the meeting at 3:17 pm, Councilman Rich seconded.
Ayes All

Pamela D. Desormo
Town Clerk

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